Begalom was established in 1997 by the partners Wolfgang Schuster and Bernhard Hausleitner. Their company became an established name in the market within a remarkably short time thanks to their outstanding reputations as model and form builders. The company policy of continuous investment in machinery and personnel has brought numerous expansions to the works in Scharnstein, Austria. The purchase of a further portal milling machine in 2012 and the hiring of additional highly skilled personnel has now led to the achievement of even faster reaction times for prototype projects.

A new foundry at the second company location in Altm√ľnster went in operation in 2012.

This development brought a massive increase to the available production capacity. The expansion of production facilities secure us in the foundry a decisive competitive advantage .

Begalom has rapidly made giant development strides taking it from a medium sized company to a major global player.

We are present on the world market as a family company.

In 2015 the majority of Begalom shares (60%) was bought by the Unternehmens Invest AG, Vienna.