Aluminum, a material with a tradition and a future! Connected to our focus: simple processing , handshake quality, long -term customer relationships and our technology resources - results in an unbeatable combination for our customers.

As an independent Austrian family business, we have a presence on the world market and are not afraid of competition.

outstanding work - powerful solutions


customer orientation

In the center , the customer. We accompany our clients in the planning phase of the projects , we bring our know-how in terms of the design of castings. We assume modeling, casting , mechanical processing , surface treatment and assembly - all from a single source is our motto.

A flat hierarchy and resulting short internal lines of communication and the management is involved in all projects offer the most flexibility.


employee orientation

People at the center . We promote the personal and professional development, and create a motivating work environment.

Ownership, forward thinking and acting as well as striving for continuous improvement are the building blocks for a healthy company, through a social work environment, our employees are highly motivated and directly contribute to customer satisfaction.

Happy employees mean happy customers .



Ergonomics , efficiency, sustainability and the responsible use of our resources are the components we consider in the entire production chain.

Ongoing investments in companies increase competitiveness and protect our environment .



Our suppliers are our partners. We give our best , we expect the same from our suppliers. With our partners, we work together in a long term , fairness and trust .